All Hereos Don’t Wear Capes


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Haniyah Taylor, Staff Writer

Ryan Wilcox was a 18 year old local San Diegan and Grossmont High School student, who was battling a rare blood disorder called Secondary Myelodysplastic Syndrome(MDS).

Wilcox had a brain tumor when he was three years old and had it removed when he was seven years old. In Apr. 2015, he had a bone marrow transplant then relapsed from the transplant.

Ryan was a die hard Captain America and Avengers fan.

While Ryan was in treatment, Gwyneth Paltrow(American actress, singer, and food writer), put out an announcement about Ryan’s wish  and sickness; inviting Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. for a road trip down to San Diego.

On Paltrow’s instagram (@gwyenthpaltrow), she posted a photo of Ryan and Chris Evans, and Robert Downey Jr. altogether and captioned the picture, “Today @ryanwilcox0303 got a little surprise. Thank you to the incredible #chrisevans and my better work half @robertdowneyjr for being the men you both are. And thank you to the Wilcox family for your hospitality! #ryanstrong”.


News channels became interested in his story and interviewed him to see how he was doing and to see what his lifestyle was like. Students held a social media rally in his honor and held a banner named “#ryanstrong” and it helped people spread awareness.

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On the morning of Sept. 3 2016, Ryan passed away; in his home with his family right beside him. Grossmont held a vigil on Sept. 5 2016,  for the “super hero teen” and carried tons of support to the family from the school district and friends. Grossmont asked the whole district to help spread awareness by wearing the famous Captain America colors; Red, White and Blue.

“We as Helix, apart of the Grossmont High School District, really see ourselves as a united school in general. We may have our rivalries, but that’s on the field and off the field, we’re all San Diegans we’re all part of the Grossmont Union District and we’re all connected with one another. When a tragedy hits, we all wanna react and give our best support because even though he was a Grossmont student, at heart he was a San Diegan, and Helix we welcome everybody and everything so we just wanna show our support for the Grossmont foothillers who are totally mourning their students” Jennifer Barillas, Helix ASB president said with a sincere smile on her face.

Ryan Wilcox will always be remembered for the true and brave hero he was. He was strong and inspirational, teaching people to fight for what you believe in.

Ryan showed people that he was a fighter. He was a strong loving young man who left his friends and family too soon.

In Loving Memory of Ryan Wilcox