Helix Football vs. Grossmont: A Rivalry

Bailee Waid, Social Media Editor

As the football season reaches an end, Helix participated in the annual rivalry-game against Grossmont High School. On Friday, Oct. 28, Helix’s Varsity team defeated Grossmont High School for the 26th consecutive year.

This 26-year-rivalry has a rich history–even a “trophy” (a musket fastened onto a piece of plywood) is awarded to the winning team, which is currently fixed on the library wall.

As for the game itself, the final score was 45-21. Quarter one ended with a tied score of 14-14. From there, Helix pulled ahead. By halftime, the score was 24-21, putting Helix in the lead. In the third quarter, both teams maintained the same score. It wasn’t until quarter four when Helix made a field goal, putting the team even farther ahead.

Though the Helix team took the victory, the dispute may have gotten the best of each crowd.

As the Foothillers made their arrival on the field, the Helix audience (particularly student’s section) bellowed with boos and other derogatory remarks towards the opposing team.

A member of the Helix audience even recalls that at some point–once again, the student’s section–began to chant “Grossmont sucks” in unison.

The altercation was ongoing even before the game; the quarrel started online, specifically on Twitter.

Novalee Rittenberg, a sophomore member of the audience, claimed that the game “was very intense, and it was a lot of fun from both sides, [she] feel[s], because there was a lot of spirit.”

Rittenberg also emphasized that the Helix team had a particularly good  defense, and the interceptions showed their established talents.

The rivalry, as described by senior and varsity starter Evan Perkins “felt good knowing [they had] beef before the game. It’s like having a little brother.”

With the all boos and a 26 year tradition held over their heads, the Scotties were caught off guard at the start.

Perkins recounted that “All of second half [was most important]. [They] picked it up…[and he] feel[s] like it just turned [them] around.”

Until next year, both teams will anticipate their meeting, and possibly a new trophy-holder.