The Walking Dead Review

The Walking Dead Review

Chelsea Nunez, Sports Editor


The season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead aired Oct. 23 and  left fans on the edge of their seats within just the opening theme song. After the major cliffhanger in the season 6, fans were forced into a six month wait until the premiere of season 7 would reveal the horrific death of a beloved character by new antagonist, Negan.

The wait was long, but worth it as the premier did not disappoint in providing the thrill The Walking Dead gives fan.

The intensity given in the premier episode can indicate even bigger thrills are expected from the show as it continues through its season.

The episode generated lots of tears and gasps as the episode contained plot twists and left viewers predicting the character’s next move.

Season 7 has already started with tragedy, but it’s the tragedy that will force the viewers to continue watching.

The upcoming season will introduce the audience more to Negan and his cold-blooded mindset, along with other characters such as King Ezekiel who runs a community known as “Kingdom”. Character Maggie Greene will also be involved in a major storyline of the show as her pregnancy progresses.

With high ratings in the previous 6 seasons, the ratings for the show have continued to soar high, and the screenwriters never seem to disappoint.

The premier of season 7 marked a series high with 10.5 million viewers, and it seems the future of the show is very much alive.