December Nights 2016


Jackalyn Diaz , Helix Life Editor

Christmas lights, hot cocoa, and being surrounded family and friends.

December nights is an annual event held at San Diego’s Balboa park to celebrate the holiday season. It takes place the first weekend of December every year. This year the planning committee welcomed about 360,000 visitors to the park throughout the two day event Saturday and Sunday.

Since the event tends to get pretty crowded, the park provided shuttles to get to the event instead of having to walk in the cold.

This year was the 39th consecutive year that this event took place. During this event there were many different attractions available to the public. There was rides, Santa Claus impersonators, there was also someone in a Grinch costume greeting kids in the pavilion.

The museums within the park were open to the public free of charge. And who can forget the beautiful lights that are set up throughout the park.

Seth McWilliams, junior at Helix said “ The food was awesome, and the fact that the museums are free and open is cool. The lights were beautiful, but it was hard to get around because of how crowded it was.”

The event had a variety of food from different countries for sell as well as booths exhibiting different cultures. There was a table stand for each country, ranging from Armenian food to italian food.

“The Italian licorice and sushi were phenomenal” said McWilliams. However since the food was not free, trying different types can get a bit pricey.

Brooklyn Fears, a Junior said “It was beautiful but it’s only fun if you have money.” As well as the food, the rides also cost money.  So overall, this event can add up to get pretty expensive if one is going for the full experience.

However it’s the lights and decorations displayed around the park that usually take people’s breath away while attending this event. Balboa Park is a beautiful sight during the day but at night when it’s full of lights it’s a breathtaking sight.

Zoie Atkinson, a Junior said “ the lights are my favorite part every year, it’s beautiful.”

When this event takes place next year, take a visit, you won’t regret it.