Juice WRLD: Gone, but not forgotten


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Photo via Variety

The talented rapper and songwriter Juice WRLD is dead after suffering a seizure in Chicago’s Midway airport on December 8th.

Born Jarad Anthony Higgins, Juice grew up in the rough streets of Chicago, Illinois. His rap career blew up in early 2018 when his album Goodbye & Good Riddance dropped, introducing hit songs such as “All Girls Are the Same,” and of course, “Lucid Dreams.” Juice WRLD became an icon in the Rap/Hip-Hop community in less than two years, so a lot of us were surprised to find that on Sunday morning (Dec. 8) Juice WRLD had suffered a seizure in a terminal at the Chicago Midway airport, and died shortly after.

He was alive when the paramedics arrived at the scene, but was pronounced dead at a local hospital shortly after. Lots of questions and conspiracies have emerged regarding the rapper’s death, but it looks as though he was under federal investigation.

According to TMZ, Homeland Security, operating under an FBI task force, searched Juice WRLD’s private jet after it landed early Sunday morning. On board, they found about 70 pounds of weed and 3 handguns. Juice suffered his seizure around the same time his plane was being searched. Someone in his entourage told the police that Juice had taken some “unknown pills,” and earlier the pilot informed the authorities that his bodyguards had guns on them, which is a big no-no for air travel. The guns were all registered, but the owners have been sent to jail and are already released.

Juice WRLD’s music reached millions of people. He flipped the formula of the rap game upside down and forged a new path for the next generation of rap and hip-hop. The songs he wrote and the message he wanted to convey will not soon be forgotten. Of course, we will be able to see what the next generation of rappers and songwriters will bring to the table.