Helix rolls out new after school dinner program for students

Photo via FoodTank

Photo via FoodTank

Helix Charter High School has an impressive free and reduced lunch program, allowing students in need to get free and reduced lunch, as well as waived test fees for the SAT,  the ACT, and AP tests. It’s very helpful for students all across campus. Now, something even better is available: completely free dinner! Students don’t need to qualify for free and reduced lunch to get a free dinner.

The Director of Food Services for Grossmont Union High School District started the free supper program three years ago, and now with the help of Chef Gorge Lepore, Helix was able to join the state-granted program. Now, it is set up and running for the whole school to enjoy. A variety of free food is available for consumption, including grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, fried chicken and much more! Helix students can access the menu just by checking their email.

Multiple studies show that 17% of school-age children don’t get enough to eat, that’s 13 million kids. The effects of hunger are real. Hunger leads to social altercations, decreased school performance and increased susceptibility to illness.

Mr. Lepore is set on ending hunger, starting with Helix students. He wants no students to be hungry while they are at school because school is for learning. He is passionate about cooking and loves feeding the hungry students of Helix.

Our Helix students are very active.  So many of our students have after school activities, sports, clubs, and various aspire programs. Instead of going home or to practice with an empty stomach, they can now come to the cafeteria and eat free food from 3-5 pm!