YouTube’s Gregory Jackson is worse than we thought

YouTubes Gregory Jackson is worse than we thought

Gregory Jackson, also known as Onision on YouTube, has always been an outspoken and controversial personality on all social media platforms, to put it lightly. He created his YouTube account in 2006 and since then has feuded with multiple big creators and regular viewers alike. As of the beginning of 2019, there have been multiple allegations in which Greg is portrayed as a child groomer, most recently involved with a young woman named Sarah.

Sarah revealed that she had begun communicating with Greg’s husband, Kai, at the age of 14. Kai allegedly then began sending explicit photos to the minor and speaking to her in a romantic manner. Two years later, Sarah had moved in with the two at age 16 after a family issue resulted in their guardianship over her. Since then, Greg recalls that he was “absolutely mean to her verbally” in order to get her to dislike him and avoid any “awkwardness.” This ended up backfiring, as immediately after Sarah turned 18, both guardians allegedly had relations with her. 

Kai met Greg back when he was 17 and he was a huge fan of Greg’s work. They met after Greg’s last failed relationship with fiancé Shiloh, whom he also met while she was a minor. They married in 2011 after Kai turned 18 and soon had two children together. During their marriage, Kai began to date a young woman named Billie. Later on during this relationship, Billie ended up cheating on him with Greg. Kai and Greg split up and Kai began tweeting on social media that Greg had pushed the relationship in the beginning in hopes he would “get something out of it.” Not long after, the two got back together and their marriage continued as normal. 

Greg has already had one failed marriage with a woman named Skye, which ended in divorce. Immediately after this, Greg became involved with a minor named Shiloh, and they had a relationship for years before they inevitably split up. During this time, Shiloh ended up with a stress induced seizure, which she later reveals was caused by Greg himself. After the split, Shiloh has started up her music career again and is successful under the name Lyldoll. 

16 women have come forward so far and made the same accusation against Greg and Kai. Chris Hansen, host of American television show To Catch A Predator, has had multiple interviews with victims and is yet to communicate with Greg himself on the situation. He has also called the FBI on Greg and a response by them is waiting.