San Diego Padres bring back the brown with new uniforms

On Saturday, November 9 at Petco Park in front of thousands of season-ticket holders, the San Diego Padres unveiled their new brown and gold uniforms for the 2020 season and beyond.

On the stage in center field, the franchise’s biggest stars Fernando Tatis Jr., Eric Hosmer, and Manny Machado modeled the new uniforms. There are three new uniforms that were unveiled that included two with pinstripes and two with the well-known sand pants from the mid-2000’s.

The team is bringing back the brown and gold for the first time since the franchise was made. The organization used brown in their uniform for the first 16 seasons, from 1969 all the way to their National League pennant and World Series appearance in 1984.

Photo via San Diego Padres

The first jersey unveiled is the road alternate uniform. It consists of a sand top and bottom with brown pinstripes all the way down the uniform. The sand color in that uniform is darker than the one used earlier in the 2000’s. A brown “SAN DIEGO” is on the chest of the uniform and is highlighted by the color of gold.

The jersey Eric Hosmer modeled is the primary road uniform, which again includes sand pants with a dark brown top with San Diego on the chest. Padres fans can recall that this jersey looks similar to the Friday home uniform from 2019, the only thing different being the text and friar patch on the side instead of “SD.” The friar is also on the other two jerseys.

The final jersey was, of course, the home jersey. This is arguably the favorite jersey among Padres fans, as it is the one that went on the shelves at the Padres store minutes after the unveiling.

“I literally started crying,” said fan Brady Phelps to the San Diego Union Tribune.

Padres fans wanted to bring back the brown because it was distinctive. They would no longer be confused as the Kansas City Royals or the Milwaukee Brewers when a fan turns on the TV. San Diego will be the only team in professional sports, not including the Cleveland Browns, that has brown as their primary color.


“We lack, somewhat, an identity in San Diego, and this gives us an identity,” said fan Aileen Burns to the San Diego Union Tribune. “When you see a fan sitting in the crowd wearing brown and gold … you know right away that’s a Padres fan.”

The Padres will be looking to get back to their winning ways in these uniforms, as the jersey unveiling marks the beginning of their window of contention, which starts in 2020.

“Brown and winning are two things we want to be synonymous,” owner Ron Fowler said to the San Diego Union Tribune recently. “We plan to deliver on that.”