Six Ways to Relieve that Post-Election Anxiety

Whether you are a Trump fan or a Clinton supporter, all can agree this election was full of stressors. We’ve compiled a list of six ways to relax your political anxiety.


Social media outlets are an easy way to voice one’s opinions. Unfortunately, many of these opinions may be frustrating to either party. Taking a break from refreshing your Twitter feed may be just what you need to calm your mood. Dr. Jennifer Caudle, professor at the Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine, emphasizes that “If it makes you upset or impacts you in an unproductive way, set boundaries on how much time you spend on it.”

Use Your Voice

Edward Yaeger for the Huffington Post writes, “Nothing else you do will help you feel more in control than being an active participant in the election process.” If you truly disbelieve (or strongly believe) in the outcome of the election, speak out about it. Organize a peaceful protest, or join another one. However, be sure to remain respectful to others when exercising your right to free speech. Take action, and take a stand for what (and who) you believe in. Conduct online research to see how you can get involved in your state and community. Psychology Today comments, “if you feel extremely upset about the results or highly anxious about the future, remind yourself you do not need to wait four years to have an impact on the future and direction of your state or the country.

Confide in a Friend

Often times, it may be helpful to find a friend or family member who shares similar beliefs to you. Set aside some time to vent to each other, about the election, about whatever is causing a stress buildup. Dr. Caudle claims that when you feel alone and angry, discussing your concerns with others can be very reassuring. You may find that simply talking can take a big weight off of your shoulders.

Go Outside

Believe it or not, exercising actually can reduce tension, releasing chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins also create positive feelings in the body. If you’re feeling down, hop out of bed and go for a walk. Yaeger recommends taking advantage of “a nice walk or jog. Find a river or lake to run by.” Not to mention, fresh air can’t hurt, either.


Need an effective way to feel better without actually leaving your house? Unroll that yoga mat that’s been collecting dust in the closet and taking some seconds to breathe in meditation. Meditation has been proven to boost moods and calm the relaxer in just minutes. The Huffington Post claims that you can “practice mindfulness simply by allowing your thoughts to come and go while focusing on your breathing.

And, If All Else Fails…

…hop into bed and under the covers with some leftover Halloween candy and binge on Netflix until the sun rises.

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