Girls Varsity Cross Country Runs in First Dual Meet Against West Hills High


Sofia Jacobo, Co-Editor in Chief

On Sept. 28, 2016 the Varsity Girls Cross Country ran in their very first dual meet against West Hills High School in Santee. Although, Helix lost, the final score has not been reported.

As soon as the whistle blew, the girls took off running, beginning the friendly competition.

Although the meet was difficult, varsity freshman Jackie Hammack described it as a way to “prepare us for more races.”

The course was also challenging, with hills, turf, and rough dirt. Fortunately, Helix had an advantage. Weeks prior, the team had previously ran the course during the Wolfpack Invitational.

As the race progressed, the girls were undoubtedly tired, but the motivation was still there, with the vision of the finish line in the back of their minds.

Marking the halfway point, the girls took grace while running up the hill. Closer to finishing, the team ran downhill and across the course where the final distance stood. One more lap to go, as they pushed themselves to the ultimate maximum speed.

One by one, triumphantly running across the finish line, the girls abruptly stopped, trying to catch their breath.

Sophomore and team captain Alysa Small smiled when she said how she “felt good about her accomplishments,” and that her “coaches did all the work and [she] just executed it.”

All the girls agreed that their success was due to all the physical work done at practice including the long runs and track workouts that Helix Alumni and coach Babey Wagnew put into play.

Physical work is necessary when enduring such a long race, but mental preparation is needed as well.  

Varsity freshman Cora Nicholls said mentally she tells herself  “you can make it, you can.”

Sophomore and team captain Olivia Root said, “you have to be mentally tough, which you gain after the first couple of races.”

With the season just beginning the team is excited to not only bond, but to conquer more competitions and to make their way to CIF and State.

Root said, “last year we did really, really well and we achieved a lot and were undefeated.”

All the girls agreed that they are excited to see what is in store for the season. Another thing everyone agreed with is how excited they are to compete at Stanford on Oct. 1 to and prove themselves to all of California.