Long Time Best Friends Begin Adventure of a Lifetime at Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon University- to some, it is merely just another school, but for JD Hopper and Pablo Anton, it is the beginning of their dream.

Carnegie Mellon is a private four year university located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. It is well known for its programs in science and technology as well as the College of Fine Arts. U.S. News ranked the university as #25 in Best National Universities.


Hopper and Anton applied and were accepted as Design and Production majors in The School of Drama, which has a 4% acceptance rate. Both Hopper and Anton can agree that CMU is “the best!” But, Anton also appreciates that it is “more than [just] a theater school,” and makes it the perfect environment to experience the very sought out ‘college experience.’

As for theater being a passion, Hopper has been doing it since he was 11, while Anton began his freshman year at Helix. Both took the Technical Theater Class at Helix and continued to work on the theater productions programming, controlling lighting and music. They have been helping out since the play Sweet Charity which debuted in 2017.


Theater extraordinaires Paul Reams and Gregg Osborn “have given us opportunities so we could grow and learn from ourselves from our own mistakes and trials,” says Anton. Hopper even considers them “close mentors, rather than teachers.”

Hopper and Anton have been a duo since the second grade and are excited to continue their journey together. Anton even jokes that they’re “[ready to] grow sick of each other. ”


Hopper and Anton are seeking a career in design production and hope they will be able to design a show on Broadway. Anton proudly adds “5 of the Carnegie Mellon Alumni, all in design and production, except for one got nominated for 5 Tony Awards, and this is the 11th year in a row that they got nominated.”

Ironically, CMU’s mascot is Scotty the Scottie Dog. So, I guess it’s true, “once a scottie, always a scottie,” Anton joked. “I guess that’s our life motto.”