Speech and Debate: Voices for Change


Effort, determination and perseverance- this is what it takes to be on Helix’s Speech and Debate team.

Helix’s Teacher and Theater extraordinaire Gregg Osborn has been teaching speech for the past 20 years and coaching debate for the past 10 years.

There are many talented students that overachieve in this program, such as senior Luke Babbitt, who has been on Speech and Debate for four years. When I asked him what inspires him, he shared, “I think I’m inspired by my parents and my friends to do the best I can.”  

These students are driven by doing their best and this year, there many students who are going to State for the second, third and fourth time in a row. About 28 speech and debaters are competing this year at State. All those long nights and stressful mornings paid off for another trip to state at CSU Long Beach.

“The competition is second to spreading a message you want people to hear,” says Chase Osborn, who is going to State and Nationals this year.

Gregg Osborn stated that he is, “continually impressed by the level of talent and hard work, but I think the greatest influence to my life is the level to which these students have given me faith in the future.”

This organization helps students learn how to express their views through their words, instead of violence. Students help adults and people of higher authority see different points of view of a variety of situations in order to learn how to respectfully disagree while still proving their point to their opponent.

Gregg Osborn, says that, “I wouldn’t do all of this if I didn’t love it, but it can be taxing, especially when there are times that I would rather be with my family and/or watching my sons in one of their games/matches.”

Even though this extracurricular requires a significant investment from both Osborn and students, it has clearly paid off. 

Speech and Debaters will help shape our world for the next generation with their views and voices.