Surf Rider Pizza Co. Brings East Coast Taste to the West


With the recent opening of new businesses, from Small Batch to Curbside Eatery & Drinkery, Downtown La Mesa has gone through quite the modernization.

Yet, one thing has been missing- a good, authentic pizza restaurant. Surf Rider Pizza Co. filled this niche on Nov. 7 and has been crawling with business ever since.

Credit: Yelp

The whole ethos of Surf Rider is its East Coast style. You may be wondering, what is East Coast style?. According to their website, the dough is thin and it is made with a special family heirloom pizza sauce, and to top it all off, whole milk mozzarella cheese is layered on top.

Surf Rider serves pizza by the slice, as well as whole pies. I do appreciate the fact that you don’t need to order a whole pizza, however, slices start at $3.25 and it doesn’t include a drink. They do have daily specials, but I believe if you’re going to spend the money, you might as well purchase a whole pie.

They offer specialty pies, or you can create your own for $2.50 per topping which, again, seems a little pricey. Surf Rider also serves an assortment of freshly baked desserts and has a bar.

Credit: Yelp

I ordered a cheese pie which ended up costing me $20 with tax. The pizza came with huge slices, perfect for sharing with family.

The pizza itself was good. I absolutely loved the crust, and although it was thin, it had a fluffy texture. That said, I was not amazed by the sauce; I believe it had too much garlic.

I still strongly believe that Surf Rider is better quality than the Pizza Huts or Dominos and I would gladly reorder.

If you haven’t checked out Surf Rider Pizza Co.,  head on down to experience the East Coast taste!

Credit: East County Californian


Surf Rider Pizza Co.

8381 La Mesa Blvd

La Mesa, CA 91942