“A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships” Album Review

A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships Album Review

I began listening to The 1975 in the summer of 2013, a few months after they released their self-titled album, The 1975.

I was cleaning my room and had turned on MTV and playing was their black & white [aesthetically pleasing] video of their song, “Chocolate.”

I immediately fell in love with their sound (song reference). Their music was a perfect mix of several different instruments- piano, guitar, sax and drums and when paired with Matty Healy’s voice, it was bound to make my 12-year-old-self have a stroke.

Listening to The 1975 for the past 5 years, I have seen their sound change drastically, and this new album enforces that thought.

I am not sure what to think of it.

This album was a realization that my favorite artists are growing up and maturing.  A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, released on Nov. 21, 2018, was more mature and political than their two last records.

On the set of the “Love it if we Made it” music video via Billboard


I could tell by many of the lyrics that it was a very personal album for Matty Healy, as he sings about his recovery from drug addiction.

Although this album was content heavy and “deep”, I believe it could have been cut down to 7 songs instead of 15. They seem a bit repetitive and share the same tune. Nonetheless, I found a couple of songs to fall in love with including “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME”, “Love it if we Made it” and “Inside Your Mind”.

TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIMEis the poppiest, and arguably catchiest song they have ever made, fused with the very relatable lyrics (I’m assuming for people who date other people and are able to make romantic connections with another human being). The song is about the culture surrounding dating in this day and age. The double texting, the game of liking Instagram photos, all that stuff that conceptually sounds dumb, but society has made important.

“Love it if we made it” is a socially political number about everything that has happened in the last two years, from police brutality to Kanye being Trump’s sidekick, yet the repetitive chorus “love it if we made it” offers a positive outlook for the future.

“Inside Your Mind” is a pop rock ballad about being so in love with a person that you want to know everything that they think about. My main reason for loving this song is that it resembles a lot of their old songs and as a fan, I love because although they have changed so much, a bit of their old music and sound is still there.


Album Promo in Europe via Twitter

The rest of the album was good, but definitely not my favorite. I grew to hate The Man Who Married a Robot. It is a song that is 3:33 minutes long, and I would like to say 2:15 minutes too long. The song starts with 15 seconds of instrumental piano, then goes into 2:15 seconds of British Siri talking about falling in love… not a fan… not a fan…  then about a minute of the instrumental piano again. The only time I would like to hear Siri talk when she’s repeating back my Uber Eats order.


The 1975 band members- from the left- Ross MacDonald, George Daniel, Matty Healy and Adam Hann via Billboard

This album was very different than anything they have ever released and although it’s hard to accept, I will continue to support one of my favorite bands and see what they come up with in the future.





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