Venous Ghazi and Maya Gilbert Ace 2018 Tennis Season


We all know how important sports are to the high school experience here at Helix. One sport that performed particularly well this year is the Girls Tennis Team, specifically, Venous Ghazi (class of 2019) and Maya Gilbert (class of 2021). 

Ghazi has been playing tennis for close to eight years, both competitively outside of school, as well as during the regular high school season. As a senior in high school, with ten hours of practice per week and 16 matches per season, it is no surprise that Venous made it to the second round of CIF for individual tennis. 

“I’m really proud of how hard we worked,” Venous explains. “I think my teammates did really well this year, everyone worked really hard. They put in tons of effort everyday.”

Maya is captain of the Girls Tennis Team and has been playing tennis since the age of six. At sixteen-years-old, that means she has put ten years of hard work and dedication into the sport. Maya is a team player, and makes sure her teammates are always aware of their strengths, as well as how to improve upon those strengths.


“During matches, I’m allowed to go on the courts and talk to the girls, motivate them, and help them strategize,” Maya describes. “In between matches, there’s a period of time where coaching is allowed to happen. So, I’d go on and talk to them–tell them what they’re doing really good, not what they’re doing wrong–basically keep their spirits up.”


Last year, the team won all of CIF. Even though they didn’t make it quite as far this year, everyone on the team worked extremely hard. There were plenty of new players, including many who were pulled up from JV. “They totally outdid what everyone expected them to,” Maya recounted.



It is clear that both girls love the sport they play, and have worked hard to get to where they are today.