Curbside Eatery Off To A Slow Start


My parents sometimes jokingly say that buying our house was the only good decision they ever made.


I understand where they are coming from, though. Life has been exciting for La Mesa natives recently, especially ones who have a particular interest in new places to eat. From City Tacos – whose name speaks for itself –  to a family-owned Scottish pub, we’ve been getting quite a lot of culinary buzz recently, so-to-speak.

Something my family and I had been especially awaiting, though, was the arrival of Curbside Eatery. Sitting only two streets parallel to our own, the namesake and location seemed promising. Our anticipation only grew as Curbside sat through several roadblocks, including a change in ownership mid-construction and its long-delayed opening in the midst of October.


Curbside is located on the corner of La Mesa Boulevard and 3rd Street, and it takes no risks squandering its location; with an outside patio and open windows spanning the entirety of both outward facing walls, Curbside capitalizes on the view its location provides.

For these reasons, I was slightly surprised by the technical faults the restaurant seemed to be running into during my visit there. I ordered a Diet Coke – because, yes, I’m really that person – and when I got it, I realized it was completely flat. Apparently, the waiter had already explained that was going to be a problem and I wasn’t really paying attention, so at least the integrity is there.

I also decided to order their “Chorizo Mini Corn Dogs” which sounded really promising. And what I got wasn’t bad. But they were not corn dogs. They had Chorizo, so hey, points for that. And yes, they were relatively…mini. They were small chorizo sausages that seemed like they were deep fried in batter, like fish and chips.

While they may have been decent in their own right, the “Chorizo Mini Corn Dogs” were pretty disappointing. So I figured, “Where could you go wrong with a burger?” And my question was answered exactly how I thought it would: you can’t, really. The burger I got was pretty good. It was about what I expected. Nothing less, but nothing more either. But, while it was a relief to enjoy, it wasn’t much of a redemption shot from the mediocre experience it had been thus far.


Curbside Eatery is definitely not without its faults. It had its fair amount of hiccups when I visited, which I think could be chalked up to being open so much earlier than expected. Although, the location, the integrity of staff, and the potential for a delicious menu should allow it a bright future on La Mesa’s curbside.