Gypsy Treasure Is Not Your Average Costume Shop


As someone with a deathly, irrational fear of mannequins, the charmingly spooky hole-in-the-wall costume store, Gypsy Treasure, might not be the best place for me to spend a lot of time.

But, if you’re someone who wants to win “Best Dressed” at the next Halloween party, then Gypsy Treasure might just be the place for you.











Located in Downtown La Mesa, just down the street from Farmer’s Table restaurant, the store has been full of energy and bustling with customers since 1978. ¨It´s like a hidden jewel,¨ says the owner, Robin Melancon. ¨It actually used to be the first theatre in La Mesa.¨ 

From the dim lighting to the astonishingly narrow walking spaces, the store has an appropriately eerie ambiance sure to get customers in a spooky state of mind. 

With a massive backroom attempting to contain numerous dresses, animal suits, coats, and creepy mannequins to model them all, it is surprising that the store sits on 1,500 square feet. This is deceiving, as the shop looks quaint from curbside.

In its 40 years, the staff has built relationships and a loyal customer base. ¨I think customer service is number one,¨ shares Melancon. There´s no request too big or too small for these kind and knowledgeable sales associates. Anything and everything from fake cigarettes, to around 1,200 different style wigs–you name it! Gypsy Treasure has it.

So, whether you´re looking for something special, or find yourself in downtown La Mesa with a few spare minutes to kill before dinner, Gypsy Treasure will continue to be there and happy to help.  

Come for the fake teeth, stay for the experience!