Edge Lab Welcomes Helix Makers



Helix has always been known for its athletics. Whether it’s the football team going to the state championships, or soccer winning CIF, the focus has always been on sports. But lately, a different part of Helix has started gaining popularity- the Edge Lab.

The Edge Lab is “Helix’s maker space,” says Flynn Moore, founder of the program, and a Helix alumnus, himself. It offers many unique learning experiences for students, ranging from computer science and programming to more hands-on production like creating buttons and 3D objects, or printing custom t-shirt designs with the screen printing press.

With an undergraduate degree in geology and computer science, Moore says that he’s been coding for, “most of [his] life.” He studied thermochronology in graduate school, which is essentially a complicated and somewhat confusing combination of geology and computer science/technology, so he is experienced in almost all of the opportunities that are offered at the Edge Lab.

One of the projects students have done in the Edge Lab

Moore started the Edge Lab in an attempt to give students the opportunity to pursue anything of interest that might not normally be taught in classes. When asked, Moore said that the Edge Lab gives the students a “head start,” by teaching students who want to study computer programming in college, for example, the “opportunity to learn more about their interests.”


The home page of the Edge Lab website

As for the future of the Edge Lab, Moore says that he hopes to continue to expand the curriculum that is taught and to have more technology for students to use.

The Edge Lab, located in the library


If you have any interest in the subjects taught in the Edge Lab, there are several different classes offered, no matter your level of experience in the subject. There are classes offered during the school day, which you can get credit and a pass/fail grade for, and the lab is also open after school. You can sign up for the classes on http://helixedgelab.org/