Crazy Rich Diversity


Crazy Rich Asians had to be summer’s most anticipated movie due to its all Asian cast, and being the first movie in 25 years that does not have an American as the lead in an Asian movie.

The movie is an adaptation from the novel by Kevin Kwan released in 2013. Crazy Rich Asians was released 5 years later on August 15th.

Photo via Wired

The movie guides us through Rachel Chu’s journey in meeting the family of her long-term boyfriend, Nick Young, at his best friends wedding in Singapore. 

In the year that Rachel and Nick have been together, Nick has failed to mention that he is part of the wealthiest family in Singapore and is the “it boy” of the city. 

Rachel struggles with the baggage that comes with dating THE bachelor and how people react to her being a “commoner.” She has multiple encounters with Nick’s mother, who is reluctant to have her son start a life with a woman who does not come from a prosperous background, but comes to her senses when she realizes her son’s happiness comes before status.  

Crazy Rich Asians has everything a successful summer romcom has- the quirky, funny best friend, the jealous ex-girlfriend, and the difficult and drama- filled family that comes around in the end. But, the movie has what other romcoms have sadly lacked, diversity. Crazy Rich Asians gives us a glimpse into a different culture and new faces.

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Rachel’s sweet British boyfriend, played by Henry Golding, and her quirky best friend, played by Awkwafina, are two upcoming and successful actors, with already two victorious Hollywood films this year.

The film has opened doors for more cultural inclusion and representation in Hollywood. It can also be argued that Crazy Rich Asians has created a pathway for aspiring actors who have been discouraged by not seeing their culture represented and are now able to see themselves in the future- not as supporting actors, but as leads. 

Support diversity, and buy a ticket at your local theater!