Dawn Breaks on Year Four: Senior Sunrise 2018

Senior year: a time filled with the typical academic stress and excitement over finally completing a dozen years of learning. It’s a time of nostalgia for all the things you’ve left behind and dreaming of the things you’ll gain in return(not to mention the special events).

This year, Helix started its senior events with Senior Sunrise, where seniors come to school early and watch the dawn break together. Fitting, really-watching the start of the day to celebrate the start of our final year. This year, Senior Sunrise was on Sept 7 from 6:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.

Helix’s ASB provided hot chocolate, glazed donuts, and coffee for the event. I’ll admit that I had three cups of the hot chocolate. The sunrise was early, so we needed the sugar.

Seniors were able to pick up the Senior Gear they ordered as well. They started the line for food just moments before the Spirit Gear line opened, so the space between the two tables was packed for some time. I would compare the rush to a swarm of piranhas, but ‘frenzied’ and ‘bleary-eyed’ don’t go together.

It was overcast until 9 a.m. that day, so instead of watching the sunrise together, it was more of a ‘watching the clouds slowly lighten’ sort of event. It wasn’t much of a loss, as most people were happy just to hang out with their friends. “Besides the whole ‘not being able to see the sun come up’, it was a pretty good experience,” one Senior said, and I’d have to agree.

Hardly a moment passed without someone joking or laughing. Large speakers were brought out after 6:30, and you could see students dancing. Most of the laughs came from the wall, though.

Next to the Spirit Gear table, there was a large sheet of butcher paper taped to the wall where Seniors could put Post-Its with their goals for the year on them. These goals ranged from the more literal “Have a 4.0 GPA,” to more joking ones such as “Become a Unicorn.”

Students started to clear out after 7 a.m., drifting off to their first classes. Some were heard discussing whether to get Starbucks or not. Others brought the last of the hot chocolate or donuts with them.

Everyone left in high spirits, which is all that really matters for Senior events.