Visit Belmont Park


Bianka Lizbett Morales , Staff Writer

The word summer can mean many things to many people; it can be a name, the title to a movie or song, everyone’s favorite season, or in the life of a student, it is known as a time to brush off all the accumulated stress from the previous school year.

Perhaps the only downside of summer is being drenched in sweat from the intense summer heat.

Luckily, 71% of Earth is covered in water.

One of the most popular beaches in San Diego is Mission Beach. While at Mission Beach, visitors can try their hand at surfing, riding the waves on a boogie board, swimming, splashing in the water, or simply tanning (or sleeping) on the sand as the warm heat of the sun shines down on them.

Mission Beach also has a beachside amusement park located right next to it so you caneither enjoy all the roller coasters or the waves by day, then enjoy the sunset at the beach or park before you head back home at night.

Photo via CaliforniaBeaches

If you do plan on going to Belmont Park or Mission Beach, you’re not only going to need your sunscreen and towel but your patience, as well. You are going to need this when looking for a place to park your vehicle due to Belmont Park being a very popular place to go to, meaning the parking lot will be overpopulated at times but it is worth it, especially over the


Belmont Park provides many options to enjoy throughout the day and night. The park provides fun roller coasters for those who love the feeling of adrenaline, such as the iconic wooden roller coaster called the Giant Dipper; which was recently repainted in coats of red, black and gold to reflect its original aesthetics. There is also the Beach Blaster that looks like a giant claw. Belmont Park has an arcade that is full of arcade games and a darkroom specifically for laser tag. If that isn’t appealing enough, try out other attractions like a rock wall, zip lining, and a sky rope jungle.

Throughout the park, you will also find many shops that have all types of clothing and other merchandise for souvenir purchases or emergency items. Not only do they have shops for clothes, but for food, as well. They sell crepes, hot dogs on a stick, ice cream to stay cool, and many more delicious foods and desserts.

Photo via LaJollaMom


During the night, Belmont Park is lit up with bright, beautiful, neon lights of all colors from the signs, rides and all other attractions. If you do not have an abundance of money or even a cent on you, it doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun. Walking around is good exercise, but when walking around Belmont Park or just the beach, you can enjoy the awesome view it provides for free.

Spending time with friends and family underneath the sun in the sea will always be a good way to start the summer that you never forget.