Prom 2018


Chelsea Nunez-Tello, Sports Editor

As senior year concludes, there are a last few events to finish off year such as senior awards and signing day. However, there is one special event that most students have looked forward to since freshman year- Prom!

This year’s prom was hosted at the U.S. Grant hotel in downtown, with a theme of gold and glamorous.


Jaize Holt, a class officer for the class of 2018, explains the effort all the officers made to make the event “one to remember”.


“This is one night of our senior year that we’ll almost all remember,” Holt explains, “ so it was a lot of pressure to make it perfect.”


Holt reveals they have been planning for the event“ since day one” of their class election.


“It’s been years in the making,” Holt laughs.


Years in the making is right! Some students have been planning for this day since they started at Helix.


Daniella Lewis, a senior, says she began planning for prom once senior year started.


“I started looking at dresses once the year started pretty much,” Lewis laughs.


“I went with a big group of friends,” Lewis explains, “So we had already organized the group months before prom.”


Lewis says she was “happy” she went with friends, explaining that “going with a date who isn’t your significant other is kind of boring.”


“The best part of the dance was being able to be with my friends for one last high school event,” Lewis states with a bright smile.


While dancing can be claimed to be the best part of the event, there was also photobooths for students to preserve their memories of the night.


Decorations highlighted the venue, with a huge ice sculpture and the numbers “2018” lining the stage behind the DJ.


“We wanted it to be more than just a hall,’ Holt explains, referring to the decorations of the prom.“I was very worried about the ice sculpture, but it didn’t melt.”


Last year’s prom was held at the Midway, and while many claimed it was fun, many seniors were happy it wasn’t held there again this year.


Alma Quezada, a senior who went to prom last year, says this year’s venue was a “total upgrade”.


“The U.S. Grant was so beautiful and really fit the theme,” Quezada says, “It was an amazing prom.”


While the 2018 prom was so “amazing”, it seems the next class has big shoes to fill for their prom.