Seniors of The Highland Fling


Sadie Neville, Co-Editor in Chief

As the school year comes to a close, Helix’s seniors are one step closer to embarking on the road to their futures. Six of these seniors have found a home as writers for the Highland Fling, and we take pride in having had them on our staff.


Valerie Arevalos

Valerie is The Highland Fling’s resident pop culture expert and Arts and Entertainment Editor. Last year was her first year on the staff, where she participated as a Staff Writer. In the fall, Val will be attending San Diego State University with a major in Comparative Literature. In the future, she hopes her life is, “somewhat in its place, hopefully [she] will be traveling or living in a cloudy place.” Valerie says that the staff has made the biggest impact on her, and she will miss them the most. You can read Valerie’s favorite piece, written in May 2018, “Seniors’ Survival Guide – Passing Down Wisdom,” here.


Jenny Brotherton

This is Jenny’s second year on the staff for the Highland Fling, as a Staff Writer both years. She will be studying at Grossmont College later this year. Following that, Jenny plans to move to Los Angeles in pursuit of her dream of becoming a screenwriter, director, or “something else in the film or arts field.” She says she will miss her fellow writers of The Highland Fling staff the most. You can read Jenny’s favorite piece, written in September 2017, “Hallway Fashion,” here.


Jackie Diaz

Jackie is the current Helix Life Editor for The Highland Fling, after serving as a staff writer for the first time last year. She has plans to attend San Diego City College in the fall and later, transfer to San Diego State University with a major in Pre-Law Studies. Jackie sees herself working for a criminal defense firm after college. You can read Jackie’s favorite piece, written in December 2016, “World Series Games 7 2016,” here.


Chelsea Nunez

Chelsea has been a part of The Highland Fling staff for two years, as a Staff Writer the first and Sports Editor during the second. After four years at Helix, Chelsea will be heading to San Diego State University in the fall, where she will be majoring in Journalism. In the future, she hopes to work in sports reporting or as a high school English teacher. Chelsea noted that she will miss the students in the class the most, as she said the friendships she has made, “mean a lot to [her].” You can read Chelsea’s favorite piece, written in March 2017, “Nothing Can Stop Coach Singer,” here.


Robert Resendiz

Robert, The Highland Fling’s Photography Editor, is currently in his second year on the staff; he was a Staff Writer last year. Robert will be enrolling at the University of California, Santa Cruz and majoring in Sociology. Look for him in the future, as Robert plans to, “change the world with activism [and] live [his] life to the fullest.” He will miss his friends and being a member of the staff, as well as writing about news he is passionate about. You can read Robert’s favorite piece, written in May 2017, “The Catfish Story,” here.


Romeo Sharpe

Romeo, a first-year Staff Writer for The Highland Fling, will be heading to Fort Collins later this year to attend Colorado State University as a Communications major. He has a special passion for athletics, and sees himself in the future “hopefully [working] in the NFL or NFL broadcast booth.” Romeo said he will miss “everything” about Helix’s Journalism program. You can read Romeo’s favorite piece, written in October 2017, “The Backpack That Took a Life,” here.


From all of the sophomores and juniors on the staff, we wish our seniors the very best of luck in college and their future endeavors – we know you will go on to do great things! Thank you for everything that each of you have contributed to the dynamic and culture of the Highland Fling and we can’t wait to see where your talents will take you next.