Beychella 2018


Valerie Arevalos, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Coachella 2018 can officially be named Beychella. Though Coachella never disappoints festival-goers, and never fails to amaze those of us that can’t afford to go via YouTube livestream, this years performances 2018 had more to say for itself this year than in years past.

Beyoncé’s spectacular set was paired with the title of first black woman to headline the famous annual festival. 

Coachella was founded by Paul Tollett in 1999, and began as a single day show with several performances from several recognized – and many new – bands. The show reverted to a two-day event in 2002, expanded to three days in 2007, and then finally to a two-week, three-day performance with the same lineup for both weeks in 2012. The festival features a variety of genres, like rock, alternative, indie, hip hop, electronic dance music and even presents forms of art, such as sculptures.

While week one for Coachella 2018 didn’t leave anyone’s mouth by how good it was, week two wasn’t far behind with Ariana Grande’s live debut performance of “No Tears Left to Cry,” as well as the performances of relatively new, but great, artists like Kali Uchis and Brockhampton.

But let’s talk more about Beyoncé. Though official footage is hard to find (given it ended at an odd hour East Coast time, and Coachella only streams its first weekend), fan footage is enough to amaze anyone that looks up Beyoncé’s performance. Destiny’s Child, reunited as the three OG singers (Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams), blessed us with “Say My Name” and other nostalgic titles.

Aside from Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé brought out her sister, Solange, and at another time, her husband, Jay-Z, as well.


Her performance with a HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) marching band filled viewers with pride, as she not only use Black Greek Life as a clear inspiration, but she used clips from Malcolm X’s speech in between songs and sang the Black National Anthem (“Lift Every Voice and Sing”).

Unlike Beyoncé’s raincheck on Coachella last year given her pregnancy, Cardi B tore down the imaginary walls as she performed- jumped, danced, strolled, and danced on stage, despite her obvious baby bump.

Coachella 2018 went beyond everyone’s expectations, with tears shed onstage by The Weeknd, Justin Bieber’s fight with a stranger in the crowd, and all the wonderful performances, only raising the bar higher for what’s to come next in 2019.

Here’s a list of the Coachella lineup 2018: