Houston Teen Admitted to 20 Colleges with Full-Ride Scholarship


Valerie Arevalos, Arts and Entertainment Editor

If high school has taught us anything at all, it’s that just because its high school, doesn’t mean it’s any easier. It’s easy for one to fall behind in classes, get caught up in personal issues and time only increases the difficulty to push through to get into a college of our choice and graduate.

Therefore, it’s also easy for one’s heart to swell in pride at other’s achievements because we all know how hard they must’ve worked for them- like Micheal Brown, whose hard work in school paid off by him getting into his 20 top school choices, including some ivy league, and all with a full-ride scholarship.

His top choices include: Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown, and Northwestern – all 20 with a scholarship of $260,000.

The Houston 17-year old from Lamar High School told, The Washington Post, he “did not expect and or think [he’d] get into all schools until [he] got into Stanford.”

According to his mother, Berthinia Rutledge-Brown (and his biggest supporter to aim high for the best education), Brown’s dream was to attend Stanford University, but he was unsure of his opportunities- that is, until he got admission into all 20 schools.

As a member of the debate team and other school clubs and activities like Key Club, Brown’s high school records were beyond impressive. Brown earned an SAT score of 1540 out of 1600, a 34 in the ACT, and a GPA of 4.68 despite being in a school district where about half of the student body is at risk of dropping out.

Even Lamar High School Principal James McSwain confessed to, The Houston Chronicle, “if you look strictly at statistics and demographics, then the cards were against him.”

Brown told CNN, “for me, it’s important to highlight that I’m not the only student of color who is achieving.”

Brown has until May 1 to make his decision of admission from Harvard, Stanford, and Princeton, as well as the other 17 he got into.

“Out of all students to achieve similar feats, I am just very happy and honored to share my story and inspire other students,” Brown concluded humbly.