College, Here They Come!

A Closer Look at the Future Education of a Few of Our Scotties

College, Here They Come!

Sofia Jacobo, Co-Editor in Chief

Now that the school year is coming to an end, all the hard work seniors have put into their four years at Helix is starting to pay off with the receiving of college admission letters. After all the hard work they’ve done including the SBAC, ACT, SAT, AP classes and building up their resumes and college applications, they are finally able to take a quick breather before finals.


Here are just a few Scotties who are continuing their education after graduation:


Chelsea Nunez-Tello

Chelsea Nunez-Tello is making history by being the first member of her family to attend college. Tello was accepted into all five colleges that she applied, but ultimately decided to go to San Diego State University. Although Chelsea committed to SDSU, she states that the University of Oregon was her dream school. However, she chose to stay in San Diego because the tuition was more affordable and because she “wanted to stay close to [her] family, while still being able to live on campus.” Tello says she will miss Helix and all the experiences she gained here. She emphasizes how being involved in extracurriculars such as Cheer and Yearbook made her time at Helix fun and enjoyable. Tello is looking forward to living in the dorms and experiencing independence.

Jessica Palmer

Jessica Palmer will be attending the University of California, Davis. Palmer was accepted everywhere she applied, except for two universities. Fortunately, Palmer will be heading to her dream school in the fall and will be working in the biology field, something she is very passionate about. Palmer believes the only thing she will miss about Helix is the Yearbook program. Although she prepared for college by taking difficult advanced courses, she is the most nervous about the intensity and difficulty of actual college lectures.

Cesia Harro

Cesia Harro will be the second member of her family to attend the University of California, San Diego. Harro applied to nine colleges, including San Jose State University, CSU Fullerton, and UCLA. Despite UCSD not being her number one school, she is excited and looking forward to their travel abroad program and staying in San Diego. Harro says she will miss Helix and, “the supportive and comforting staff.” In order to get into college, Harro believes she, “did too much. I joined a bunch of clubs, hard classes, and lots of community service hours.” She even says she took three months to write and perfect her personal statements for UC schools. Harro says she looks forward “to meeting new people and having more time to herself,” because of the flexibility with college schedules. Even with her nerves about college, Harro is ready for a new experience.

Ryan Gwin

Ryan Gwin will be attending the University of California, Berkeley in the fall. UCB is not only the first UC built, but also one of the more prestigious school with an acceptance rate of only 17%. Although Gwin decided to stay in California, he “envisioned [himself] on the east coast at Harvard all four years.” Despite being accepted into many more universities, Gwin ultimately decided to attend UCB because they offered a “degree in Molecular Bio with an emphasis in genetics, genomics and developmental biology.” In addition to having his major, Gwin also chose Berkeley because of the financial aid he received; he even believes when he graduates, he will have little to no debt. Gwin highlights that because of Helix, he will be “going into college as a sophomore or junior and [is] very excited because it leaves room for [him] to double major. By graduation, [he will] have completed about 16 college-level courses.” Although Gwin is sad to leave Helix, he is looking forward to starting fresh and being, “reinvigorated by [his] education and the opportunities at Berkeley.”

Seniors– no matter your plans for the next four years, all of us here at, The Highland Fling wish you the very best! Go Scotties!