Lacrosse Season Kicks Off: Varsity Girls Beat Chula Vista!


Sofia Jacobo, Co-Editor in Chief

On Mar. 6, the varsity girls lacrosse team beat Chula Vista High School 17-3. Although this was their first time playing against Chula Vista, and their very first game of the season, Helix did not hesitate and quickly dominated the game.



The first half of the game consisted of Chula Vista defending their side, while Helix scored multiple goals. The first goal was scored by sophomore Paige Scarbrough.

The first 25-minute half ended with Chula Vista scoring their first goal. During half time, both teams had time to regroup and recover.

The second half was much more intense than the first, with Chula Vista scoring their second goal. However, Helix quickly recovered and scored their 13th goal. Helix Junior Jade Verri, and a Chula Vista player both earned a yellow card, which resulted in both of the girls sitting out for a couple of minutes.


With that, Chula Vista scored their third, and last, goal. After that minor setback, Helix scored their 15th goal toward the end of the last half. Verri was finally let back on the field. The last six minutes of the game was a bloodbath for Chula Vista; Helix scored two more goals and ended the game with a score of 17-3.

Helix Sophomore Kaitlyn Leap believes, “It was an easy win, because it was Chula Vista’s first year having a lacrosse team, so Helix had the greater advantage.”


Likewise, Junior Sinclaire Lucero said, “Our team worked very well together, and we didn’t drop down to their level, even though the other team was being very aggressive and difficult at times.”


“This game was very important, because it helped us improve our techniques during an actual game. I’m excited for the rest of the season” said junior, Rosa Julius.


Come support the girls at their next home game!