Track and Field Preseason



Roberto Resendiz , Photography Editor

As the spring approaches, Helix Track and Field athletes prepare for competitive events consisting of running, jumping, and throwing.


The unique aspect of Track and Field is that it is both individual- and team-oriented. Meets are scored based on team points but individuals can compete for their own event in post-season CIF and state meets.


Track and field got its name from the traditional venue consisting of a stadium with a round running track enclosing a grass field. Inside is where the field, throwing and jumping events occur.


Track and Field Head Coach, Damaja Jones, hopes for the best for the team this year, saying, “I guess my expectations are for the boys to get through league champs and continue on the success from last year and for the girls program is the same, to continue to develop the near future and have high performance athletes.”


Many athletes on the Helix Track and Field team are eligible for full-ride scholarships due to the high performance in academics and in the field.


Senior Track athlete, Giovanni Gonzalez wishes for a memorable upcoming season, “For this upcoming track season, I hope I’ll learn how to truly be confident in myself to build up a sense of leadership but also develop a personal growth, mentally and physically.”


For more information about Track preseason practices contact, Coach Damaja Jones at