The Fall of Logan Paul

Romeo Sharpe, Staff Writer

A  video can change your life in a split second.

Logan Paul, a Youtube sensation with 15 million subscribers, made a very controversial vlog while on a trip to Japan that indeed changed his life.

At the young age of 22, Paul is popular across the world. On a New Year Eve trip to Japan, Paul was hiking the Aokigahara Forest, also known in Japan as the “suicide forest.” As he was hiking, he came across a disturbing scene of a man hanging from a tree. Paul was vlogging at the time and had no intent to stop in the moment.

He proceeds on and shows the man in his video saying, “Did we just find a dead body.”

The next day, there were over 6.5 millions views of the video. Many people  across the world were outraged and shocked by the content that Paul uploaded.

I went around Helix to get students reactions to the video.

Sophomore,  Timothy Christopher says “ I was shocked. I wasn’t expecting this to be posted by a guy with such a good heart.”

Alex Colin, a senior and longtime Paul fan, expressed, “I was disappointed in Logan. He wasn’t mature enough to put the camera down for that sensitive topic.” After being asked if Paul should be punished, Alex responded, “ Absolutely! I feel it is only fair that he is suspended from Youtube indefinitely.”

The question also remained if YouTube should be responsible for it the video. Marcos Idioma, a junior says “ I feel Youtube is at fault as well. They had no intent to take the video down the moment it came out.”

Sponsorships were taken away and YouTube suspend his account and has taken most of his profits

One month after the incident, Paul finally spoke out in a interview with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America. In the interview, he expressed  how “the whole world hates me….ironically they tell me to kill myself. Literally everyday people tell me they hate me.”

Paul goes on to say that parents should monitor what their kids watch and also expressed how he does not agree with YouTube stripping him from special programs on YouTube, but understands the punishment.

In the end, Paul expressed that he will think twice about what he posts. The fall of Paul will continue.