Eagles Soar in Super Bowl LII


Sadie Neville, Co-Editor in Chief

After a close game chocked full of missed passes, field goal failures, and the most yards ever covered in an NFL post-season game, the Philadelphia Eagles topped the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII, with a final score of 41-33.


The game took place on Sunday, Feb. 4, at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN, where even the highest temperatures were below freezing.


The 2018 NFL championship game marked the 52nd Super Bowl. The Philadelphia Eagles, coached by Doug Pederson and led by backup quarterback Nick Foles, took on the New England Patriots, with Head Coach Bill Belichick and Super Bowl veteran Quarterback Tom Brady.



Philadelphia came into the game representing the NFC East conference, and the Patriots did the same for the AFC East.


For the Eagles, this marks the first Super Bowl championship in their franchise’s history. Their win came despite the Patriots being favored four-and-a-half points ahead, according to CBS Sports.


The game remained up for grabs by either team throughout all four quarters, but the first points of the game went to the Eagles, with a field goal.


Later on, at the beginning of the second quarter, Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski missed a 26-yard field goal, which many believed was a key factor in the Patriots’ loss.


However, an interception by Stephon Gilmore, feeding off of a tipped pass by the Eagles, led to a touchdown drive for Brady just before halftime.


ESPN commentator Will Cain called this a “game changing drive” for the Patriots. Unfortunately, his optimism didn’t hold true.



Minutes later, the Eagles pulled a trick play on New England defense, ending the second quarter with a score of 22-12.


Twitter fans quickly took to their keyboards to criticize the effort of the Patriots’ defense and defensive coordinator, Matt Patricia.


Sports columnist Skip Bayless wrote that the line was, “becoming a Super Bowl embarrassment.”



The winning touchdown pass to Philadelphia’s Zach Ertz with just over two minutes left to play made headlines everywhere after enduring a grueling official review session, and a missed attempt for a two-point conversion.



After a neck-in-neck fight between the NFL’s top teams, the Eagles ultimately took home the Lombardi Championship Trophy, and quarterback Nick Foles was named Most Valuable Player.



In the words of Bayless, “This does not feel like last year.”