“Hear Our Vote”: The 2018 Women’s March

Jackalyn Diaz , Helix Life Editor

We live in a time where the voice of women often goes unheard. However, this was not the case when thousands of women gathered across the country and turned their anger and outrage into action.


The second annual Women’s March took place on Saturday, Jan. 20. Thousands of people gathered at 10 a.m. to march through Downtown San Diego. The march was held in conjunction with other marches across the country.


The San Diego Police Department estimated 37,000 people attended the San Diego event.

The theme of the march this year was “Hear Our Vote” this is meant to encourage voters to support women’s rights, human rights, and social and environmental justice. It was also to encourage participation in the 2018 midterm elections.  


Signs in the crowds ranged from the angry and serious to humorous and absurd. Some even took aim at Trump’s policies, personality, scandals and racially-charged statements.


Speeches were given at the event approximately one hour prior to participants making their way through a circuit on the westside of Downtown.


This year’s speakers included State Senator Toni Atkins, Nancy Nagle of the Santa Ysabel Kumeyaay Nation, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez and Councilwomen Barbara Bry and Georgette Gomez.


Gomez told marchers that San Diego, in its location just north of the U.S.-Mexico border, is a “binational” city, and that the multiculturalism it represents should be celebrated.


“And if [President Donald] Trump wants to build a wall, what are we going to do? Stand up, fight back,” Gomez said.”Let’s continue to do the work. Let’s continue to demand justice. Continue to demand a better world.”


“Last year after the march, a friend said, ‘Now what do we do?’” said State Sen. Toni Atkins“This is what we do. Each and every day it’s up to us to make our voices heard. We do not stop. We march forward.”


Together, these women are determined to spark a change.