Street Surfers’ First Show


Rosalie Weas, Staff Writer

Street Surfers, a local Helix band, had their first show on Jan. 6. The intimate house show was put on by Erick Valdez, a Monte Vista senior, who previously went to Helix his freshmen and sophomore year. The backyard was illuminated with flashing multicolored lights. Other local bands also performed that night, Public Basterds, Boulevard, and Kye Ventrice.  The highlight of the night was definitely the Street Surfers’ set, with the most dancing.

Street Surfers’ sound is a mixture of surf punk and garage rock. Street Surfers is a four-man band, composed of the lead singer, Lucas Tidwell, bassists Diego Tidwell and Jorge Mab, and Elijah Gibbens-Croft as drummer. With eight songs released on their Soundcloud profile, the band performed five original pieces and two covers for a fifteen minute set.

In the beginning, Street Surfers was just Diego and his brother Lucas, a Helix graduate from last year. However, in order to perform with a complete band, they needed two other bandmates. Mab explained he met Diego in orchestra, which led up to Jorge introducing drummer, Elijah Gibbens-Croft to the mix.


The band had a week to prepare for the show and Diego, a junior, explained how the band practiced for two hours everyday to prepare for the show. Mab, a sophomore, continued by describing how he learned all the songs from Diego.

Diego expressed the feeling of performing his own songs as, “You know when you’re on top of a roller coaster, and you feel that feeling in your stomach? It was like that, but the entire time.”

This show was first of many for the upcoming local band. Make sure to keep an eye out for Street Surfers and what’s to come from them.