Scottie Tots


Maria Vazquez , Web Design Editor

It’s that time in the semester where Helix’s next generation of Scotties has come to visit their future campus as “Scottie tots.”

Run by Helix’s child development teacher Elizabeth Leighton, “Scottie Tots” is a two-week (usually three-week) preschool, where toddlers come to play and do fun activities around the categories of science, literature, music, and arts and crafts.

Not only will this be a fun playtime with children but the objective for “Scottie tots” is meant for Students taking child development to learn more and gain experience with children.

Having run the program since 1989, Mrs. Leighton says “This is a chance to see little ones for a nice length of time so that if they want to be a preschool or kindergarten teacher they will be all like ‘ahh! This is what I want to do’ or they realize ‘yeah no this is not what I want to do.’”

A Junior taking child development, said that it was a fun experience working with the children and it was a way to observe the kids and “see how they think.”

Child development students have to spend a couple of weeks before prepping before Scottie tots begin. Students are split into groups and they have to “ make twenty-five lesson plans and pick all of the things we want to do,” Mrs. Leighton adds, “The groups rotate through, one day there will be snack committee, the other day they will be greeting, so that they get to do all things.”

To get the full experience of taking care of children, students will even have to change diapers.

The children come from the students younger brothers and sisters, cousins and sometimes from community members.

“We have kids who come in and say ‘Bye Mom!’ to kids who just cry, cry, cry, and that’s what it is all about.”

Mrs. Leighton encourages students to take child development for the fun experience and will even get 3 or 4 units of college credit.