Super Scotties Sports


Alyssa Yubac, Staff Writer

Some of the most loved students here at Helix are the Super Scotties. On Oct. 26, during halftime of the Helix vs. Grossmont freshman football game, the Super Scotties practiced throwing, catching, and running with a football.


The idea of Super Scotties Sports started with Alex Berg, who then brought up the idea to Gabe Baker and Gabby Maraziti.


Kim Fleming, Special Education teacher at Helix  says, “Last year they came (to me) and said they wanted to do something, not for their senior project but just to give back to the program.”


Amy Hull, the NHS advisor, Helix First, and ITSS teacher described the three seniors and the Super Scotties as “the perfect storm of awesomeness.”

To prepare for their event, Ms. Hull, Ms. Fleming, Mr. Baker, Mr. Berg, and Ms. Maraziti presented their program proposal to the football coaches and the athletic director. Three seniors contacted several of the varsity football players to be “head coaches” and help the Super Scotties pass and run with a football on the field. The students even got t-shirts for their game days.

Because this was the biggest freshman game of the season, everyone in the crowd were on their feet for the Super Scotties.


Ms. Fleming exclaims, “The kids just love it! Having that recognition makes them feel like a million bucks.”


Berg says “Even one of Grossmont’s football coaches came up to us and congratulated us on the event.”


Baker mentions that “It was a very rewarding experience to see how well the Helix community and Super Scottie community were able to get along.”


The Super Scotties recently performed with the Varsity cheerleaders during the first CIF Championship game on Nov. 17, and there’s more where that came from. 


To Maraziti, the response “meant the world to not only to [her] and those who worked hard to make it happen, but [also] to the Super Scotties.”


Get ready to see the Super Scotties take on a variety of sports throughout the seasons.