2017 World Series

2017 World Series

Chelsea Nunez, Sports Editor


Extra innings, 7 games, and a first World Series title granted to one championship team; all of this taken place in the 2017 World Series where the Houston Astros presented their state of Texas with the state’s first World Series title against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In a total of 7 games, the first team to win 4 is granted the championship title. Though, within the first four games of the series, both teams had already one 2 each, leading the series to at least 6 games.

Astros were able to take their third win over the Dodgers in the fifth game, barely leading with 1 point lead in the final score of 13-12 after an extra inning.


However, the Los Angeles Dodgers were granted home field advantage, where they were also able to get their third win  in a final score of 3-1.


According to Sports Illustrated, this was the first World Series where the home-field advantage was awarded to the team with the most wins in their regular season, with Dodgers having a total of 104 and Astros having 101.  Although, the home-field advantage for the Dodgers wasn’t much of an advantage, as Astros beat them in their own stadium.


The 7 game began with the Houston Astros up to bat. Within the first inning, 2 out of their total of 5 points scored throughout the game were scored. Not until the sixth inning did the Dodgers finally score a point, their only point scored throughout the last game.


The Astros were up with a  point lead in the ninth inning, and as Dodgers were last to bat, they were left with their only chance of scoring at least 4 more points to tie the inning for an extra. However, after two outs, Cory Seager was up to bat where he got a hit, only to be grounded out to Astros’ second baseman Jose Altuve who threw the game winning out to first baseman, Yuli Gurriel.


Within seconds of Seager’s hit, the World Series game was over and the Houston Astros won their first World Series since their establishment back in 1965.


This win, according to Houston Astros outfielder, George Springer, was for the state of Texas, specifically due to the damage Hurricane Harvey has placed on the people of the state.

“I’m so happy for all of our fans, who have endured a lot,” Springer told CNN, proudly finishing with,”We’re coming home champions.”


Even with the record-breaking damage of a tragic natural disaster, the people of Texas prove there is a lot to be proud of, such as their World Series winning team the Houston Astros.