Fall in San Diego?


Jackie Diaz, Helix Life Editor

 San Diego is one of the few cities that may never be able to experience the four seasons of the year.

Photo via TripSavvy

It’s almost always 90 degrees outside, resulting in San Diegans wearing shorts and sandals in October and November.  


While it’s cold in the morning, it is excruciatingly hot in the afternoon, then cold again at night, causing many to feel confused when selecting an outfit for the day.


Freshmen Channel Nunez expresses, “ I never know what to wear these days, If I wear sneakers, my feet are hot and if I wear sandals, they are cold and the same thing goes when it comes to wearing a sweater or not.”


Senior Oriana Moore has lived in at least four different states throughout her entire life, including Washington, Colorado, Arizona, and California. She exclaims, “when it comes to the weather, San Diego isn’t the best; it’s literally always hot regardless of what the season is.”


However, there are some students who actually seem to enjoy the heat year around.


Senior Brooklyn Fears, says “I enjoy the heat because I can wear sandals and be able to go to the beach without being freezing cold.”


If you fall into this category, I’m sorry to tell you that the heat should soon be coming to an end.


According to weather forecasts, temperatures are expected to drop in upcoming weeks, so put your shorts and sandals away, and take out your sweaters and boots, Scotties!