4 Simple Ways to Give Thanks

4 Simple Ways to Give Thanks

Sadie Neville, Co-Editor in Chief

The official season for giving thanks began on Nov. 1. But there’s no reason that it can’t last all year. It’s always important to recognize the people in your life that go above and beyond to make things easier for you – here are some simple ways to do that.

1. Write a note or card.

It’s heartfelt, it’s free, and it goes a long way. Taking even just five minutes out of your day to tell someone you appreciate them is a sincere way to express your gratitude any day of the week. Stick your card in an envelope and leave it in their locker, backpack, or even send it through the postal system.


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2. Bake something.

Homemade cookies are one of the most traditional gifts to give someone during the holiday season – and for good reason, too. Baked goods show that you took time out of your day to make something just for them. Even store-bought cookie dough goes a long way to express how much someone means to you.

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3. Sincerely compliment them.

Take some time to recognize what you admire about someone, and express your admiration to them in person. Whether it is an outfit or a special skill, compliments make people feel good about themselves and show them that you really care.


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4. Invite them to get coffee sometime.

Many friendships of mine have been born over coffee. Coffeehouses are the perfect places to get to know someone and learn more about their lives.