Turkey Day Traditions

How Scotties are Doing Thanksgiving



Erika Martinez, Staff Writer


The best traditions are those unique to each one of us and with the big day right around the corner, The Fling decided to explore how Scotties do Thanksgiving.

Turkey is the nationally expected dinner in households, yet, rather than a bird, one Scottie family enjoys something quite unique: seafood.


Amari Lozano, a freshman here at Helix, explained, “Rather than being typical and surrounding a table full of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, my family enjoys a feast of a variety of fish and shrimp.”

Another exceptional family is that of senior Andrew Adegbola.

“My family was raised in a southern atmosphere. This makes for what I consider the best Thanksgiving dinner possible, all including my Grandpa’s famous gumbo, my Grandma’s peach cobbler, and Coca-Cola cake. The most traditional part of the meal would have to be my Mother’s Pecan pie, yet even that is abnormal, which personally I find as quite a good thing, no family can compare to the way mine is together,” Adegbola explains.

These uncommon traditions should not be seen as a limitation on the traditional Thanksgiving meaning, for these differences are what makes their family their own, and brings love and thankfulness in their own way that no one outside of their family can understand.

Marko Cervantes, sophomore, feels that “the best part of Thanksgiving for [him] is spending the time with my family while enjoying the typical Thanksgiving. Turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and all, this is how my family and I connect.”

All traditions, common or unique, are part of what makes families, large or small, enjoy the special day of giving thanks to each other and creating the feeling of love on this special Thursday of November.