Lucky Stiff Impresses

We want to go to Monte Carlo!


Photographs by Yoshie Onodera

Valerie Arevalos, Arts and Entertainment Editor

As the first show of the 2017-2018 school year, the “Lucky Stiff” cast and director, Helix drama teacher Mr. Gregg Osborn, did not disappoint.

The musical was performed in Helix’s Black Box theater, located in the Performing Arts building, on Oct. 4, 5, 6, 7, 12, and 13. 

by Yoshie Onodera

“Lucky Stiff,” based on Michael Butterworth’s The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo, is a musical focusing mainly on Harry Witherspoon (junior, Luke Babbitt) who after the death of his Uncle Anthony, inherits a large sum of money… that is, only if he follows the rather odd and specific instructions he had left for him recorded in a small tape recorder.

Despite his death, Uncle Anthony wishes nothing more but to go to Monte Carlo and enjoy the activities one could expectedly only enjoy while alive and breathing.

Unfortunately for Harry, his uncle made sure to have a backup plan in case he didn’t follow his instructions, and even the slightest mistake would result in donating the entire money he had left for Harry, to a charitable cause benefiting dogs.

The first act consisted of thirteen musical numbers that built up an amusing story of a man who was forced to take a dead man to Monte Carlo without drawing suspicion that his Uncle Anthony was dead.

Luke Babbit by Yoshie Onodera

Along with the rarity of his “mission,” Harry had to deal with an outspoken, and slightly bitter, Annabel Glick (sophomore, Lainie Alfaro) who was following his steps to make sure he followed the tape’s instructions-or she would take the money for the dogs-in-need.

And most importantly, the closeby presence of Rita La Porta (junior Kyra Payton and freshman Grace Crandell), who not only shot her former lover and Harry’s uncle, Anthony, but took it upon herself to follow the dead boy to Monte Carlo for the money she was sure belonged to her.

The first act came to an end with a cliffhanger, as the cast was shocked with the news that Anthony was dead and in possession of a large amount of money, leading to the second act where all was revealed: the dead body was not, in fact Uncle Anthony, but his friend whom was shot and killed by Rita after she mistook him for Anthony and thought he had cheated on her with another woman.

With only seven musical numbers, the second act came to its finale: Harry and Annabel in love, Uncle Anthony was alive all along and divided the money amongst all those he had promised money to, before going off with his lover, and finally, Rita’s brother, Vinnie (juniors Shane Robles and Cole Atencio) left with what he thought was the entire money in a box (but was really the dead man’s heart) and a beautiful French singer by his side (freshman Alex Moye and junior Eileen Diaz).

The cast, crew, and director did a wonderful job at entertaining the audience and keeping them on their toes, as well as introducing different casts on different days, and selling out every night, so much so that the show was extended for two more showings.