Haunted Hotel Review


Ivan Jimenez, News Editor

For most of October, my Halloween experience was rather drab. Besides seeing the occasional Halloween decoration as I walked down the hall, I never really got into the season’s spooky spirit.

But a night in Gaslamp Quarter changed all that.

The Haunted Hotel, San Diego’s premier Halloween attraction, features an underground lair complete with terrifying actors, jump scares, and plenty of blood and gore.

So it’s basically an angsty teenager’s paradise.

Count me in, then. An angsty teenager myself, The Haunted Hotel checked off most of the boxes on my Halloween-to-do list, so here’s some of them.

Box One: Scare Factor

If you’re looking for a general scare experience (not too much, not too little), The Haunted Hotel definitely delivers. The actors are convincing in their portrayals, and their realistic costumes would easily win any ASB Costume Contest. As far as jump scares go, The Haunted Hotel performs superbly. The venue’s dimply-lit rooms and ominous environment send off a sinister aurea sure to send tingles down your spine.

But it might not appease everyone. If you’re looking for a scare that’ll give you Posttraumatic Stress Disorder for decades to come, Mckamey Manor might be a better fit.

Box Two: Affordability

I’ll admit: I wasn’t too hot about the $19.00 price tag. But after going through the twenty-minute long maze, I came out satisfied with the cost. The Haunted Hotel is visually stunning. Filled with stroke-inducing strobe lights and buckets of fake blood, the special effects costs are conspicuously extravagant. So if you’re dazed about churning out $19.00 for a twenty-minute experience, know that it’s well-worth it.

Box Three: Overall Fun

You go to The Haunted Hotel to have fun. Period. You might go with the expectation of being scared, but your aim is to get scared in a fun way (besides, if you wanted to get scared for free, you could walk in Logan Heights at night). In terms of funness, then, The Hotel is a great place to be. Whether you go with a group of friends or run through the maze like a madman, you’re sure to have a spooktacular time.

So if you’re looking for a fun Halloween activity, try The Haunted Hotel.

And here’s a quick tip: don’t run. The actors will chase you (I learned this the hard way).