Update: Puerto Rico

Ally Rein, Staff Writer

On Sep. 20, a category 4 hurricane swept across the island of Puerto Rico. Since then, the residents have been trying to piece back together what they have left there. 

As of now, 70% of residents have running water and communication networks. But only 30% have power restored. 

People who live in the mountainous areas of Puerto Rico, which is two-thirds of the island, are still without power.

According to Fox News, beaches are currently closed because the government is unaware of the water’s condition. Tropical rainforests like El Yunque were destroyed due to the storm. 

Some progress is that the main airport is open now. All flights leaving are mostly full, so it is harder for those to evacuate with less money and no access to a cell phone with internet.

Restaurants are serving food at certain hours and prices lowered for people who still are unable to cook at home.

With all the damage due to Hurricane Maria, the estimated cost is between $45 billion-$90 billion.

The hospitals are mostly being run by generators but have limited fuel.

The US has sent 7,200 military personnel to help with the incident. The Puerto Rican government has opened 500 schools and other buildings as shelters for residents.  

Multiple CEOs of businesses are flying their own planes to the island, stocked with supplies. Family members of affected residents are also doing their best to help.

If you want to help you can find a credible organization and donate what you can to support and help those in need in Puerto Rico. Such as United for Puerto Rico.