Helix Staff Behind the Scenes


Chelsea Nunez, Sports Editor


When people think of Helix, they probably think of the great athletics, the excelled academics, and the involved staff, but there’s so much more to this campus that people, including current Helix students, may not think about.


While the teachers help keep the academics soaring, it’s the staff behind the scenes that keeps Helix’s campus going.


Our clean campus and our generously served food is brought to students and the people on campus by staff many are unaware of despite their significant duties.


Claudia Gonzalez has been working at Helix for the past two years, and although it could be expected many would not recognize her by her name, students have most likely seen her on a daily basis and not even know.

Gonzalez is one of the food service assistants in Helix’s cafeteria. She is one of the helpful members of the cafeteria team that helps to organize the food, prep the food, and then serve the food.


“I’m just always busy,” Gonzalez explains with a laugh. “It’s breakfast first, then lunch, so it’s busy.”


“Busy” is an understatement. With the constant prepping of the variety of food served, the cafeteria staff is always on their feet, moving from one end of the kitchen to the next. Students are often oblivious to the hard work that goes into their breakfast and lunch meals, perhaps only because the interaction they experience with the cafeteria staff is through windows.


Oriana Moore, a senior, claims if the lines weren’t so “long and busy,” she could really interact with the staff more.


“I barely even get the chance to tell them what I want,” Moore details, referring to how fast pace the lunch line needs to move because of the urgency of students. “But I do always thank them, I appreciate [the service] always.”

That small interaction is what Gonzalez claims is the best part of her job. Though she appreciates the students’ gratitude, especially when they say “thank you” and “have a nice day,” she does tend to get misconceptions of her job.


“Most people think that being a lunch lady is nothing,” Gonzalez says, and she’s not the only one who feels her job carries many underestimations on the hard work put in.


One of Helix’s hardworking custodians, who has politely requested to remain anonymous, explains how difficult it is to get others to understand the work put into keeping the campus clean.


“It’s like they don’t care, about anything,” the custodian exclaims, referring to the students on campus.


The custodian further reveals their stress, detailing a common scenario of there being a trash can and students “put[ting] the trash next to it,” rather than inside.

Though the custodian claims not, “everyone is the same,” in their unkind manners, just like Gonzalez, the “thank you’s” go a long way in expressing appreciation


“Thank you and please- that’s all [students] have to say,” the custodian expresses, concluding with, “That would be more than enough.”


For the students of Helix Charter High School, and for anyone entering the Helix Campus, appreciation for those behind the scenes of Helix that keep our campus united is as easy as a simple “thank you,” “please,” and “have a nice a day.”


If you haven’t said those words yet to our custodians and lunch service workers, it’s never too late.