A Newfound Rivalry


Bailee Waid, Social Media Editor

HELIX CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL, Sept. 15 — One of the most anticipated games of the entire regular season, and Helix seized the win.

Sophomore running back Helix Football player of the game, Eleyon Noa, said that the 39-0 win was “revenge for last year in CIF,” and the other loss during the regular season.

Compared to their 28-10 win during the CIF last season, Cathedral Dons did not score once, or even come close.

Chelsea Nunez-Tello, a Helix Varsity Cheer senior, believes that this year is a winning-year for Helix against Cathedral as in year’s past; one regular season win leads to the win in CIF.

A flag on almost every play for Helix kept the coaches and players alike on edge despite the Scotties’ lead.

However, in spite of the “many times [that] there was flags on plays,” Lauren Veil, a Helix junior, said that the game went “really well.”

Veil continued to say that the season looks very hopeful. “[M]aybe to CIF, maybe win CIF.”

The Scotties scored their first touchdown by number two, Rashad Scott, during the first quarter with still 8:26 left on the clock.

Quarter two started off 6-0 and ended 13-0 with Helix scoring another touchdown once again by Scott plus a field goal.

The game was practically secured for the Dawgs third quarter when Helix scored another touchdown completed by a field goal, ending with 20-0.

Just 16 seconds into quarter four, Carson Baker, number 9, landed a touchdown pushing the score to 26-0. Two more touchdowns and one field goal were scored for the Scotties during the rest of the game.

As for next game, it’s “hard to say,” Rashad Scott, Senior Helix wide receiver, says.

“I just know we will build off this game and get better,” Scott ended.