Growth in La Mesa Village

Growth in La Mesa Village

Grace Fields, News Editor

As you walk through the La Mesa Village, change can be seen everywhere. There is construction on every corner, and new projects starting all the time.

This is, of course, what the city has planned. Over the span of several meetings, representatives were able to get feedback from the community on the future of the Village.

The result? A citizen-approved plan for our city’s future.

An older picture of La Mesa before recent development


Although many of La Mesa’s plans have not been put into action yet, there are several ideas that have already been carried out.

Some of these plans include the remodeling of the La Mesa Village facade and the opening of Boulevard Noodles, Sheldon’s Service Station, and Public Square Coffee House.

After doing a soft opening, Boulevard Noodles closed and made modifications, and it is now officially open. The space boasts a, “small sidewalk café along the La Mesa Boulevard frontage and a new outdoor seating area in an enclosed patio setting at the rear of the building,” Carol Dick, the Director of Community Development in La Mesa, wrote. The restaurant offers a quick-serve menu with Asian-fusion food that ranges from ramen, to salads, to tacos.

The interior of Boulevard Noodles

Sheldon’s Service Station can be found on the southeast corner of La Mesa Boulevard and 4th Street. It serves café style food and drinks, and customers can sit on the outside patio and listen to live music while they sip on their coffee.

Sheldon’s Service Station’s outdoor seating

Public Square Coffee House is one of the other resident coffee shops in the Village. It has both indoor and outdoor seating and offers a wide range of drinks and food. Its free air conditioning and wifi makes it an ideal place to study with friends. Krystal Tejeda, a junior at Helix said that Public Square is her new favorite development. She enjoys the “live, local music,” that the coffee shop offers and said that “the coffee is really good, too.”

Public Square Coffee House

Tejeda said she hopes to see more growth in the future, however. She would like to see “more places to go for younger audiences, like more clothing stores.”

Future plans in the Village include the construction of a new pizza restaurant that is already well on its way – Surf Rider Pizza Café. It will have “a pizza restaurant, a second commercial baking kitchen for on and off-site sales, [and] outdoor dining areas,” Dick wrote.

There are also plans for the construction of a new mixed-use building that will be home to several apartments and commercial spaces.

When asked where she saw the Village in five years, Dick wrote that she hoped for “commercial interest in the downtown village [to] continue to create more activity and energy.”


Last Sunday, Blvd Noodles announced that they are closing on their Facebook page. They posted again yesterday, introducing the public to their new partnership with City Tacos, a street-food-style taco shop that puts an inventive spin on Mexican food. Blvd Noodles said that they will keep their page updated with more information on City Tacos’s opening.