2017 Helix Club Rush Kicks Off


Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

Crowds of people, loud music, and free pizza were some highlights of Helix’s annual Club Rush.  Students were able to learn about new and pre-existing clubs in a relaxed environment.

On Friday, September 8, the second Helix Club Rush took place in the science quad during lunch. Most of the clubs at Helix had tables and presented their clubs to students. ASB ran the event, setting up tables and creating posters for each club.

Young Black Scholars

Some clubs that participated included: Young Black Scholars, American Sign Language Club, Gender and Sexuality Awareness (GSA), Mexican and Chicana Appreciation (MeChA), Student to Student, Math Club, and more. 

“I had no idea that there were this many clubs available to students. I think it really helps people discover what’s available and what they’re interested in,” Junior Benjamin Potter says, “And I want to join yoga club.”

This event led to increased awareness of existing clubs and an increase in members.

ASL Club

“Our club is about mathematics, engineering, and science. We compete in math and engineering competitions throughout the state,” MESA Board Member Brecca Ridenour says, “Club Rush has definitely increased our number of members throughout the years.  It started with about 8 people and now there’s around 30.”

Luke Babbitt performing for Aspire Tap

Aspire Tap was performing at Club Rush, attracting many students towards their table by dancing on tap boards. 

“Anyone who wants to try something new and exciting can join tap. Almost everyone who comes into it has never tapped before and then they try on a pair of shoes and end up loving it.” Tap Member Luke Babbitt says, “I feel like after Club Rush we had a lot of kids who were excited and who were interested in tap and we just hope we can get that many to come in and try on a pair of shoes.”

Helix has large diversity in their clubs, and students are able to join and create as many as they want. Club Rush ended with a success with many students finding new clubs that fit their interests, and clubs getting new attention and new members.