Helix vs. Grossmont; Boys Water Polo


Ally Rein, Staff Writer

On Sep. 14th, Helix Boys Varsity Water Polo put up a fight against Grossmont High School, one of the best teams in San Diego. Grossmont is a Division One team and placed 8th in Junior Olympics.

So, this game was set to be a challenge for the boys. They lost 10-2 after four quarters of constant action.

Ryan Fuentes

When asked what could help during the game, Helix junior Alan Reinicke responded, “A couple key points we can improve on in the future, is to play with a plan, play together, and play an intense four quarters of water polo.”  

The first quarter of the game was rough, as Grossmont distanced off with a three-point lead. Discouraged, the Scotties tried to even out the score in the second quarter.

The second quarter ended with Reinicke scoring a point and Grossmont scoring two more. Another factor that made this quarter tough on the Helix team was the two ejections against players for not obeying the referee’s call.

Jacob Atencio (left) and Jake Stewart (right)

In the first minute of the third quarter, goalie Oliver Smith was ejected for going over another player. Because of this, Helix’s field players, Jacob Atencio and Jake Stewart, were put into the cage to try to stop the shot.

The game ended with the final goal scored by Benjamin Potter in the last two minutes. Helix then held defense to make sure no more goals were scored.

When asked what would you change about the game, Senior Alexander Berg replied, “ One thing I would change about the game would be our intensity. We played low in the water, and therefore we [were] unable to make smart plays.”

After the game, the boys were disappointed in how they played but realized what needed to be worked on in order to play better this season.

Jake Stewart

The boys never gave up, “the desire to play our best really helped us persevere. We are a team full of determination and grit,” as Junior Jake Stewart said.

This season, the boys moved up a division, so this will be one of many challenging games they will face.

The Scotties will face Valhalla on Sep. 29 at Valhalla.

Goalie Oliver Smith