College Presentions


Jackalyn Diaz , Helix Life Editor

It’s that time of the year here at Helix High School where the senior class is getting ready to start applying to colleges- a time that can often cause a mix of stress and confusion among students.

In order to try and help students, the Class of 2018 grade level team went into senior classes to give a presentation about options that are available for students after high school.

The goal behind this presentation is to provide students with information about all the options that are available to them after high school, as well as what’s required to apply to

 these institutions or programs. The presentation provided information on what the college process is,deadlines and important dates for different applications, as well as the minimum requirements for each college. Presentations also provided reassurance for students that there are scholarships and ways to make college affordable.

According to Mr. Hugo Gonzalez, school counselor for the Class of 2018, “the most common excuses for students not applying to college is students feel they can’t afford college, or they aren’t sure if they will get accepted to the school of their choice.”,“ it’s a pretty scary/nerve-wracking process for many and some students simply prefer to not apply.”

On average, about 80% of Helix students have planned to attend college after high school.

Senior, Katie Fiscal, said, “I still plan on applying to colleges, even though i’m not so sure if it’s the path I wanna take yet” but also confesses, “it’s pretty scary to think about.”

Senior, Carlos Alvarado, stated, “I’m still kind of confused on what I wanna do after high school, and the presentation made me realize I need to figure it out as soon as possible.”

This is the case for many students- they are unsure and confused about what to do next, or how they can make it possible.

If you find yourself in this position, you should meet with one of the members of your grade level team or the College and Career Counselor, Mrs. Cathy Singer, to discuss your specific situation, and brainstorm your next move, and how to make it happen. You can stop by Club College every Wednesday in room 240 from 3:30-6:30, or stop by the College Career in room 180, with any questions.