Helix Kicks off the Season with a Win


Bailee Waid, Social Media Editor

On August 25, Helix Varsity Football kicked off the first game of the season with a much anticipated win against Herriman High School.


The final score was 35-0, showing how hard the Scotties have been working during the pre-season.


As for stand-outs, “definitely number two” wide-receiver and defensive-back Rashad Scott was a big help for the win, an animated freshmen audience member, Nehemiah Atitegeb, described.


Number eight Helix senior Terrence Tolbert — wide receiver and defensive back — described that “the game went pretty good. Offensively and defensively, [Helix] had the ball going [their] way.


Tolbert specified that his “favorite part of the game was definitely have the first touchdown of the season,” leading the game to a win.


Weak points during the game, the Helix senior explained, were the offensive and defensive lines.


“[They have] to work on that a lot to make sure [they] can get it to where [they] want it” Tolbert ended.


Helix sophomore and first-year varsity player Delshawn Traylor described that “having to sacrifice summer vacation has really been worth it.”


“The season is going to be fairly successful because all of us really bonded and forged a brotherhood and that will help us play as a unit and a family,” Traylor concluded.


The Scotties have a lot to work toward this season, however, they have a chance to prove themselves against the upcoming home game against Cathedral High School.