The ASPIRE Spirit


Sydney Torres, Staff Writer

Aspire is a verb meaning to “aim far or seek ambitiously, or to be eagerly desirous, especially for something great or of high value.”

One of the incredible programs here at Helix is the ASPIRE program.  If you haven’t heard of Aspire, it is a free program that makes it easy for students to get involved with the school through clubs and sports and other social events.  Most clubs at Helix are run through the Aspire program. All you have to do is sign up for one and an easy way to do that is to go to the annual Aspire kick off.

This year the Aspire kickoff was held on August 23, 2017, in the science quad and was coordinated by Alicia Gibson. Th

e kickoff is held each year around August after school and features the many different clubs here at Helix. Clubs including Club College, Tap, EDGE, and Student Empowerment Club.

Aspire also has sports that allow students to practice or try a sport before the season starts, such as lacrosse, soccer, and water polo. At the kickoff, each club was able to set up tables and advertise to the students about their club and get students to sign up. “It was super fun and very organized,” says Kasey Castro, sophomore.

Helix clubs weren’t the only groups showing their skills; we were entertained by the very talented dancers from the dance group, Brickhouse, who were there bringing the beat, as well as members of the Army and Marines who had students challenging their strength on the pull-up bars.


And, of course, you can’t have a kickoff without food and games. With free pizza and many activities -including a rock climbing wall, blow up obstacle course, face painting, and sumo wrestling- the ASPIRE kickoff was exciting and, according to an anonymous freshman parent, “a great way for the students to get a face-to-face invitation to try something new.”


Don’t worry if you didn’t get to go, the ASPIRE kickoff isn’t the only place to sign up for clubs. Just keep an eye out for the flyers hung around campus. They will tell you where and when to go to become part of the club and join their ASPIRE family.