Hallway Fashion

What the Scotties are Wearing


Jenny Brotherton, Staff Writer


What does clothing mean to you? Whether you view fashion as a way of expressing who you are, or simply an essential form of survival, your classmates are eager to show off their new style trends this school year.

Kaya Sweat, a sophomore, describes her style as, “vintage.” She enjoys focusing on clothing from the past, specifically the 90’s, and incorporating it into the outfits she wears. Some of her inspiration comes from 90’s actresses such as Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie, and Drew Barrymore.



“Any cool thrift stores where I can find one good piece, I’ll go back again and find more,” Sweat  giggled while discussing where she likes to shop. “ I try to not judge a book by its cover but I feel like how you dress explains a lot about what you think about others. Someone who dresses like everyone else that might say you like fitting in and someone who doesn’t might say you don’t really care.” 

Edginess tends to catch her eye when it comes to fashion.


Twin sisters, Caroline and Cassandra Ramirez, are juniors at Helix. Cassandra explains how her style differs from Caroline. “Compared to her I’m more basic, because she dresses a little bit more crazy.” The sisters both discussed how their style has changed since the beginning of high school.

“When I was a freshman I would dress kind of like a boy, like high-waisted pants and t-shirts,” Caroline explains. “In freshman year I just wore all black and wore band shirts all the time. I guess I just started going to thrift stores more and searching for different things to incorporate.” Both get their style inspiration from Instagram and other social media platforms.

“Colors catch my attention. Like bright vibrant colors,” Caroline said. They also like shopping at thrift stores often, specifically the Veterans thrift store in Spring Valley.

“Well normally, I just find stuff to match with colors I’m wearing.” Axell da Silvia Gonzalez, a senior, mentioned  when describing his fashion sense. His weekends are typically spent at the beach, so his style is a lot more casual and comfortable compared to when he’s at school. “I like wearing weird things like short rugby shorts and sunglasses.” Gonzalez stated. He finds clothing inspiration from football [soccer] players such as David Luiz and Gerard Piqué.

“I like to go to Sun Diego, because they have cool shorts, I love Havaianas, and Vans.” Some of his favorite trends right now are short shorts and cropped tops. Gonzalez’s favorite style is a mix of surfer and skater style.

Senior Taylor Zachary notes, “I generally wear whatever I feel like wearing. I think that just because of some of my music preferences and things like that I’m very influenced by Asian fashion aesthetics or street wear. It’s difficult because you don’t see a lot of that around here and it’s not easy to get.”  

Zachary explains that over the course of high school, she’s tried to steer away from what’s comfortable and gradually has experimented with different things. She thinks that style is something that’s always evolving.

“There are times where I think oh, yeah I have a style, I feel like this is me,’  and then I’ll  see something else and I’ll think oh, but what if I try that!’ I hope that it keeps changing.”

Some of her fashion inspiration comes from Asian artists like Shinee and CL. “If I have nothing to do and I’m bored at home I’ll try on different outfits to see what I can do,” Zachary shares. For convenience, she enjoys going to places like Forever 21 and H&M, but more recently, Zachary’s been shopping at vintage and secondhand stores.

“I’d love to be more experimental with the way I dress but it can be kinda hard sometimes being in high school and being this age where everyone’s kinda judgmental.”

Clearly, these Helix students are using fashion to showcase their personalities and creativity. 

So what will you come up with next, Scotties?